Shopping Stamped Concrete

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Concrete is far from boring these days!

Some of the ways you can dress up your concrete are shown below (click on link to go direclty to product):

Acid Staining

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Acid staining is a chemical process that combines stain with cured concrete to produce permanent variegated colors. It works well for exterior projects, interior floors and walls, and countertops. Its beauty comes from the color variations and mottled colors.

Acid staining is good for concrete surfaces that have not been treated with curing agents before.

Concrete Coloring

Concrete Coloring Color Choices - Click image to enlarge

When pouring new concrete, coloring can be dissolved into the concrete as it is mixed.

This coloring actually increases the strength of the concrete while allowing the colors to mix faster and more evenly.


Antiquing Release

Release Color Choices - Click image to enlarge

Antiquing release can be dusted over newly poured concrete before the pattern is stamped on. Not only does it prevent the tool from sticking to the concrete, but it adds color as it is pressed into the textured surfaces. Upon washing and sealing, the color difference creates an attractive, antiqued look by adding depth to the color.

After the release is applied, the surface is sealed to preserve its attractive appearance.

Concrete Patterns

There are many different patterns of concrete you can choose from. Here are some of our most popular, with colors used noted. Click on images to enlarge and scroll through.